Liquid Arts, Bar Service

We have had the pleasure of working with Ian at Liquid Arts, ArtsRiot Bar Services, many times last season and are looking forward to many upcoming events with them in the 2016 season as well. Ian has 20 years of professional experience in Bar and Restaurant Management and Wine and Spirits Education.  He has his Wine & Spirit Education Level 3 certification from the Wine and Spirits Educational Trust (WSET) in London, England. Using his vast knowledge of wine and spirits, he will work one-on-one with you to select a bar and create a professional, relaxed experience that is vital to the success of a great event.

What we love about him so much is how much he loves what he does; it’s not about selling a bar service but about educating you on what you are interested in serving and making sure both you and your guests have everything that is necessary to make your event creative, fun, and inviting.  From birthday parties, to specialty margarita bars, we have seen the great service him and his staff are able to provide!


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Brick House Wedding

Shelburne, Vermont – When you have a gorgeous venue, a fun loving family, and a bride and groom that love to dance, it is hard not to pick this as one of our favorite weddings from the 2015 season!  From our first meeting with the bride, groom, and her family we knew it was going to be a celebration to remember!   We are so thankful for our clients and the vendors that we get to work with who make everything come together.


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Wedding Venue: The Brick House, Shelburne Museum //  Catering and Cake:  Cloud 9 Caterers // Photography: Barrie Fisher Photographers
Floral Design:  Erin Ostreicher from Nectar and Root // Rentals: Vermont Tent Company // Menu Cards and Invitations: Christa Alexandra Designs

Jesse and Nate, Private Home – Lyme, NH

Jesse and Nate said “I do” on a private property in Lyme, NH with their close family and friends back in September. We had the great pleasure of working with some amazing creatives and love all of the thought Jesse and Nate put into the details. Event Planning by Lydia Bailey/Charmed Places, Catering by Cloud 9 Caterers, Floral Design by Emily Herzig/EH Floral Studio, Photography by Sasithon Pooviriyakul, Print by Jesse Juriga with BlueJaye Papers and Press, and Tent from Vermont Tent Company.





Weddings Through The Eyes Of The Professionals Who Make Them Happen

As wedding season comes to a close for the year we wanted to take some time to reflect on weddings and why we are in the wedding business. We asked our fellow Vermont wedding professionals to pitch in with what they like most about people’s big days and here is what they said:

Sarah Moran
Cloud 9 Caterers


“My favorite moment is when everything finally comes to fruition.  When you see all of the details, small or large, put into place and it is like a big crescendo.  With the timing of so many moving pieces and the different wedding vendors that you get to work with, it is really rewarding to finally see it in motion.  I also love to see the bride when she first comes out because that is one part we aren’t really involved in; the dress, the hair and makeup, I love seeing her big reveal!”


Jaclyn Schmitz
Jaclyn Schmitz Photography

“I love capturing candid moments and couples who want to celebrate in their own fun way instead of the “traditional” way. It adds so much personality to the photos. I’ll never forget my couple who paddle boarded in their wedding attire (on the wedding day!), or the couple who used geeky literary couples for table numbers, or the straight military dad who busted into a crazy choreographed dance with the bride, etc. It is so fun to be there to capture those moments!”

Nikole Branch Seavy
Little Branch Events

little branch events
Photo By: Sarah Cocina

“I’m such a sap! I love the speeches and toasts. I’ve gotten to know the bride and groom very well through the planning process, and it just warms my heart and usually sends a trickling tear down my cheek to hear such sweet, honest,heartwarming, once in a lifetime things being said about each of them by the people who truly love them the most and know them the best. It’s one of my favorite parts of the event!”

Michael Tallman
Michael Tallman Photography

Michael Tallman

“I love those first few minutes of pure chaotic joy immediately following the ceremony when the couples are hugging and celebrating with all of their closest friends and family. The light is starting to get amazing, everyone is happy and nobody cares when I get right into the middle of it with my cameras.”

Sarah Porter
Two Of Us Wedding Photography

“I adore the moment, somewhere in the day, when the bride and groom realize that all their planning, hard work, and stress has led to a day uniquely their own, with all their loved ones surrounding them, and they can relax and bask in that feeling! As a photographer, I love watching that transformation occur, and capturing the pure joy of the moment.”

Talena Shannon
Premier Entertainment & Events

“Weddings are a celebration of love. Seeing the reactions of parents, grandparents and other tenured couples throughout the day is my favorite part. You can see them reenact their own wedding moments in their mind and give their spouse a loving touch or look and they don’t have to say anything to each other, they instantly remember their own love story.”

Nance W. Trombley
Keepsakes By Nana

“My joy is working closely with the couple to create custom wedding accessories that capture their personality. When their items are complete and I see those smiles. That warms this Nana’s heart.”

Jackie Watson
VT Enchanted Events

“My favorite part of the wedding is that last moment when you tell the bride and her dad to take a deep breathe, make sure her gown is in that perfect place and watch them take that pivotal walk down the aisle that will begin the new journey that each family member is embarking on!”

Lis Oliveira
Lis Photography

“My favorite time is to photograph the bride right after she gets ready. I know I can help her to relax and to concentrate more in herself and in the moment, making her feel more confident. It’s a needed slow down moment for her. I feel so happy when I get at least 45min time slot for that.”

June Banks
Snaffle Sweets

“I so rarely get to see the couple’s reaction to the cake. That would be my favorite part. So it is great to get a thank you card, email or even a phone message about how great/perfect it was for them.”

Crickett Polis
Polis Photography

“My favorite shot of the day is when the couple and the bridal party are introduced and they all do their silly things when they come in… some of the best pictures.  Especially when the crowd is going wild for the bride and groom!”

Kendrick Bellows
Wunder Bar & Co./Island Catering

“Favorite part, meeting family and discussing/tasting! You can really learn a lot at that meeting.”

Morgan Perrone
Valley Flower Company

“I absolutely love the first meeting, it’s always filled with excitement! I love seeing their ideas for flowers and combining my thoughts with theirs to create something truly unique for them.”

Vivian Infantino
Make Up Artist


“I loved this moment when the bridesmaids surrounded the bride who was having a Sikh ceremony before her civil ceremony. This moment when she’s surrounded by friends she’d known since childhood really made me stop and think about the rite of passage and ritual surrounding a wedding.”

5 Questions to Ask Your Caterer

When booking an event, it is important to sit down with your caterer and talk about your event. Let them know the style of your event, any special requests you might have and find out what they can offer you. Here are five helpful questions to get you started.

1)    Where is your food sourced from?

Does your caterer source from local farms, or are they buying in bulk from Costco? At Cloud 9, we are part of Slow Food Vermont and the Vermont Farm Fresh Network sourcing our food as local and organic as possible to bring the best quality ingredients into our kitchen. As food can be the most memorable part of an event for guests, it’s important not to skimp on quality. The more local and organic your menu becomes, the more the price does go up, so talk to your caterer about your budget and what you can expect with it.

2)    Are you a “from scratch” kitchen?

It is important to know if they are making their meals from scratch, or just throwing frozen food in the oven. A reputable caterer won’t hesitate to tell you about their in house made bacon or hand rolled pasta. At Cloud 9, we make our own ketchup, aioli and kimchi to name a few things. Having a from scratch caterer gives your food more personality and makes the dining experience more unique for your guests.

3)    Can you accommodate dietary concerns?

In todays age, it seems almost everyone has some type of dietary restriction. Ask your caterer about accommodations for allergies and other restrictions.

It’s always important to have a vegetarian option, a gluten free and dairy free option as well. Depending on the majority your guests, you can consider vegan, peanut and fish allergies as well. A good caterer can create a menu incorporating these dietary concerns, and often can make small adjustments to your plates per each guests dietary needs so your entire menu does not need to be adjusted.

4)    What do your services include?

Talk to your caterer about what services they provide, how involved will they be with your event? Find out if they help order your rentals, or do the set up and break down at the venue. At Cloud 9, we offer full service event planning with destination consultations as well as our unique seasonal menus. We serve as your liaison between vendors, as well as create master time lines for all, and will manage your rental order. Cloud 9 is the first ones on site to set up your rentals, props and décor. We will provide a full event walk through, develop contingency plans, provide proper dining service as well as stay until the end of the event clean up and break down to remove trash.

5)    What does your service charge cover?

Find out what the service charge covers. Many caterers use it to cover administrative and overhead costs such as equipment, insurance permits, etc., while for others it is used as a gratuity. Make sure to ask this question to find out what exactly your costs will be aside from the food so you aren’t surprised when you get your final bill.